Can AI Predict the Next Big Trend in Porn?

AI in porn: Old news perhaps, but still a question worth asking Can AI predict the rise of new adult entertainment trends - and what will they be? As businesses are increasingly using data analytics, AI tools facilitate analysing consumer behaviour on a grand scale so you can predict future directions for your brand.

How data-driven decisions became the norm in adult entertainment

More and more adult entertainment giants are using state of the art AI to help decipher user behaviour, and what it is they want. Analyzing terabytes of data (views, watch-through rates, user actions as well as direct feedback) these systems were able to found emerging trends. One the one end, searches for "VR porn" have grew 250% in a year, according to an analysis from top porn site Pornhub; that data suggest people are increasingly excited about extra immersive journeys.

Case Study - How AI Technologies Utilize User Data

AI technologies use sophisticated algorithms to build predictive models out of historical data. More of these models can identify about which genre being famous and unfamous. They can easily plot trends against time (on a per category basis) that highlight how certain categories are becoming popular over the time and as well they could make use of NLP tools to dissect comments, searches etc. for deeper understanding of consumer sentiments on each side.

Legal and User Privacy Implications

This has a lot of potential to use AI for porn, but this in turns raises some ethical dilemmas as users' private data will be accessed. Balancing this line of useful analytics versus invasive surveillance can be a slippery slope for companies as they start to bend the data-collecting laws-- and because of that, credibility is under suspicion.

What is the Future of AI in Porn Trend Forecasting?

Of course, the future of pornographic content is already slowly but surely being molded by AI. Predictive modeling continues to get better and more drivers in digital media are doing everything they can to understand what works best on the supply side. This would result in a more nimble, responsive industry able to predict trends and instantly crank out content accordingly.

Simply put, AI is already predicting the next big thing in porn industry. The more we develop AI and implement it in content analysis and creation, the greater its impact will become - an essential forerunner for key industry figures.

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