What Can You Study at Hei Long Jiang University?

And based in the lively city of Harbin, Hei Long Jiang University is a holistic university that presents diverse and extensive academic options for every prospective student. The university traces its origins to 1949 as an higher academic center in the northeast of China with a broad range of programs across humanities, sciences, engineering and more.

Columbia School of Arts & Sciences / Humanities and Social Sciences

Languages and Literatur The program offes students the variety to udy Chinese Language and Literature, providing them a more profound understanding about China's literary heritage as well as contemporary trends. In addition, the university provides training in English and Russian languages that is associated with orientation to the international focus of its work notwithstanding developed it multilingual students.

History and Cultural Studies - They offer an M.A. which is appropriate for those wishing to study the historical contexts of China (and others), as well cultural dynamics across time and space in general. The programs promote an enhanced exploration and understanding of global cultures, past interactions.

Business and Economics

Business Administration: In order to fill the void of open world space, Hei Long Jiang University also deliver adequate business administration levels that shape students into leading authorities in aspects like management, marketing and strategic planning.

Economics: Program which introduces the concepts and techniques of economic analysis; trains graduates for careers in finance, government, international trade etc.

Science and Technology

Biotechnology Specialization: The biotechnology program for students who are eager to challenge the cutting edge of science, develops skills in genetic cloning and mapping, DNA sequencing analysis methods; gene expression from different organisms as well as protein purification techniques.

Environmental Science: In response to today's global frustrations on environmental sustainability, the university provides an environmentally concerned program in Environmental Science focusing human impact into our ecosystem and work toward a more sustainable world.

The Division of Engineering and Information Technology

Computer Science - A Computer Science program prepares students for the constantly-evolving tech market and includes software engineering, systems integration, cybersecurity.

Engineering Programs: The university offers a multiple streams of engineering program which include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering wherein the students studying in this course are given more emphasis towards Innovation and Design & Applications performing effectively with respect to different contexts.

Arts and Design

Fine Arts: Highly artistic talent in painting, sculpture and digital arts has been cultivated through the course of our Fine Arts program offering from Hei Long Jiang University.

Design: The Design field incorporates theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare students for a career as graphic designer, industrial designer and/or Urban planner.

Health Sciences

Pharmacy - The pharmacy undergraduate program equivalent to what other countries would call a pre-med track; extensive, rigorous course-heavy classes continue with students seamlessly transitioning into practicing roles and the world of medicine.

Culture:Dive Deeper/Culturally Relevant Views on The World

Hei Long Jiang University is not only academic as well it makes you learning with other cultures too. Sitting in Harbin, a city rich with Russian influence and the famous Ice Festival that it celebrates each year. This creates educational opportunities students may not otherwise be able to experience.

Offering a unique cultural experience and an array of programs ideal for students looking to study in Northeastern China, different fields complement even the most selective researcher or prospective student. Their official website provides in-depth details on individual programs, their admission requirements and campus life. Great starting point for anyone thinking of studying at hei long jiang university .

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