What Are the Main Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp?

But with all the advantages fm whatsapp comes, it has its few life disadvantages too. Those of you who are considering this mod will need to weigtht these cons heavily against the pros.

Security Concerns

Well, the main worry about FM WhatsApp is Security. While the official WhatsApp is developed by a big company using all secure means, FM WhatsApp is developed and maintained by third-party developers. This can lead to natural risks; less frequent updates and patches that may leave an open attack surface for the bad guys. For example, unofficial apps such as FM WhatsApp are not in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store; thus they do not have to undergo strict/ rigorous security checks.

Privacy Risks

Another major concern is privacy. FM WhatsApp Ask For Permissions More Than The Official App The broad amount of access raises concerns about data privacy and potential tamperings with that data. However, now a user needs to trust the developers of FM WhatsApp are not doing funny business with all those permission they request - such as access to call logs and contacts from your device.

Legal and Policy Violations

FM WhatsApp can Get Your Account Banned Although that is not a new story, WhatsApp mostly ban accounts when you use modified versions of the app. This is WhatsApp's move to make its platform more secure. Losing an account access can create troubles in communicating and losing data for using FM WhatsApp users.

Potential Data Loss

Loss of data when using the FM WhatsApp

Limited User Support

FM WhatsApp also does not enjoy the same level of support as WhatsApp. Users have nothing to do except for switching to community-forums for help, if required. With this lack of officially supported, it can become a helpless situation for the user because no one is going to help you solve those issues.

FM WhatsApp may have it all, but the risks are too great to ignore as well. All of these risks must be accounted for by the users, ranging from security failures and the risk of running into legal issues to simply getting locked out of your account. Your decision in using FM WhatsApp should be with an idea of if these implications.

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