How Is Tsinghua University's Campus?

Take A walk Around Great Scholarly

If there is a single word to describe Tsinghua, it would be " beautiful". Easily one of the most competitive and prestigious universities in the world, Tsinghua also has a sprawling and beautiful campus that is the perfect reflection of what one would expect from the finest educational institution in China.

Traditional Architecture and Contemporary Solutions

Tsinghua University's campus occupies over 980 acres, incorporating traditional Chinese architecture alongside modern educational facilities. The historical standing of its most iconic landmark, the Old Auditorium, and the Old Gate of the University, which was established in 1911. At the same time, high-tech research labs and educational facilities work to help over 36,000 students achieve academic success in the field of engineering, sciences, arts, and more

And the Most Critical Table - Green Spaces and Water Bodies

The Tsinghua campus emphasizes both its greenness and sustainability. LLush gardens, tranquil lakes, and expansive green open spaces provide students and staff with a natural environment to relax and ward off the academic stress. source The Qinghua Garden is famous for its traditional garden construction which including a classic style pole,thesmooth mountain water,grass anda calm pool and it becomes a relaxation and study place for students as well.

Community and Recreational assets

Tsinghua Sports and Recreation: The university provides high-quality sports and recreation facilities, including a modern sports field, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a gymnasium. These facilities house several collegiate sports teams and are venues for physical education and intercollegiate, intramurals, and other recreational activities.

Arts and Culture: The campus is also home to some very picturesque museums and galleries, such as the iconic Tsinghua University Art Museum, which houses almost thousands of ground-breaking cultural relics and cutting-edge contemporary artworks. And combining the values of honoring original traditions and creating change and progress, this concept shows how the university practices its “whole person education.

Living and Dining on Campus

Tsinghua provides residential facilities for students with a wide range of life styles and needs. There are several dining halls, cafeterias, and canteens, all offering different types of food, from main dishes of traditional Chinese style to dishes of other styles of cuisine from other countries so everyone can find something they like to eat.

Tech-Forward Environment

Being a leader in research and innovation, it is no surprise Tsinghua campus is laden with the latest of technological advancements. Fast internet, high-end research tools and smart classroom technologies all help in creating an interactive and engaging learning environment.


Tsinghua is not only a backdrop for studying, but also an exciting place where education, culture, and technology meet, adding vigour and vitality to everything that takes place here. Whether you are looking for a world-leading academic program or a vibrant campus life, Tsinghua offers an environment where both prosper. Reading in more and to have an understanding of student life and the campus amenities read tsinghua university : tsinghua university campus.

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